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About Us

Coco Botanicals loves everything natural


Coco Botanicals loves everything natural. Starting with only one client in 2015, the company has evolved to become a hub for organic beauty enthusiasts to learn, share and review natural beauty products. Our commitment to quality and excellence has kept us thus far.

At, we offer range of cosmetic natural raw materials and ingredients, carefully selected and neatly preserved with no additives to create your desired line of cosmetics.

Our Vision

To empower organic beauty enthusiasts in Africa with the materials and learning resources, through optimal use of technology, while they compete in the global space.

How can we help you?

We understand the stress of getting original organic cosmetic ingredients for both personal and industrial use. Many a beauty entrepreneur travels far and spends more while combing through different suppliers with the promise of good quality raw materials which often end in frustration and valueless bargain.   

At, we offer diverse arrays of quality natural cosmetic ingredients most of which have undergone testing as suitable for use by different beauty entrepreneurs and beauty enthusiasts across the country. The beautiful thing is, you pick your options with a scroll of mouse while you sit back and the items get delivered to you.

You don’t just order and move on. Our interactive website helps you engage with other beauty enthusiasts out there and you connect, network, learn new things and read other entrepreneurs’ journey.

We are also interested in your success and so we provide you with relevant resources that are good for your skin, your business and life as a whole.